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wholesale electric asia

Wholesale Electric Asia (WEA) combines the experience and resources of three of the world’s largest independent electrical wholesalers: CNW Electrical Wholesale and Energy Solutions (AU); R&M Electrical Group Ltd (UK); and Wholesale Electric Supply Co (USA).

Headquartered in Singapore, the local team also supports offices, partners, and projects based in Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Vietnam and South Korea. WEA provides local expertise, stock management, warehousing and can supply an extensive range of electrical products, cable and cable management solutions from leading global manufacturing partners to suit both IEC and NEMA specification. We have more than 150 years of combined experience in supplying and managing industrial and commercial projects in markets such as: oil and gas; petrochemical; and marine.

We provide complete, integrated solutions from one trusted source with the financial strength, personnel resources, systems, and material management expertise to bring your project in on-time, on-budget, and with minimum material surplus.

Other business benefits include:

System Solutions

Our web-based, real-time enterprise resource planning (ERP) system integrates all facets of our operation including financials, sales, inventory management, and distribution to ensure our clients get the correct materials delivered on time.

wholesale electric asia

Our Construction Material Management System (CMMS™) has been implemented on more than 300 projects worldwide. It integrates international supply chain management and logistical solutions into one platform to manage large projects with multiple sites and complex requirements. It links engineering, purchasing, accounting, construction management and vendors, and also manages procurement, sourcing, warehousing, inventory, delivery and onsite distribution. Custom reports are available online so customers can track progress in real time.

The CMMS Process

Complete material management from the beginning to end enables you to control project costs and delivery schedules, and increase overall efficiency.

wholesale electric asia

Product Lines

Our extensive electrical portfolio includes specialised products for industrial, commercial, and residential projects such as:

International Operations

CNW Electrical Wholesale and Energy Solutions (Australia)

R&M Electrical Group Ltd (United Kingdom)

Wholesale Electric Supply Co. (United States)

Contact Details

Wholesale Electric Asia Pte Ltd Headquarters
211 Henderson Road #14-03, Singapore 159552
T: +65 6460 4395
E: sales@wholesaleelectric.asia
W: www.wholesaleelectric.asia